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Let the fire be burning…

Till the time you’re successful no one listen to your stories.
Your goal is primary everything else is secondary, just secondary!!! Secondary things are also important but not important than your life goals.
At the end you yourself will be responsible for accomplishing or not accomplishing your goal.
So don’t let the energy within you die out just for secondary things.
So Let that fire within you keep on burning…

A ray of sunlight

Clouds howsoever dark or dense they may be, can’t stop Sunlight forever.



Effectuation is a way of thinking that serves entrepreneurs in the processes of opportunity identification and new venture creation. Effectuation includes a set of decision-making principles expert entrepreneurs are observed to employ in situations of uncertainty.

There are five core principles that define Effectual Logic. These are:

  • The Bird in Hand Principle. Entrepreneurs start with what they have. They will look at who they are, what they know and who they know. Their educationtastes and experience are examples of factors which are important in this stage. Besides these examples, this is also the stage where entrepreneurs look at their 3Fs, better known as friends, family and fools. From this point, they will look at their abilities. So an entrepreneur does not start with a given goal, but with the tools he or she has.
  • The Affordable Loss Principle. An entrepreneur does not focus on possible profits, but on the possible losses and how they can minimize those losses.
  • The Crazy Quilt Principle. Entrepreneurs cooperate with parties they can trust. These parties can limit the affordable loss by giving pre-commitment.
  • The Lemonade Principle. Entrepreneurs will look at how to leverage contingencies. Surprises are not necessarily seen as something bad, but as opportunities to find new markets.
  • The Pilot-in-the-plane. In this stage, all the previous principles are put together. The future cannot be predicted, but entrepreneurs can control some of the factors which determine the future.

Singer vs Doctor

Recently i was watching one show “Rising star” and i came across this question for myself “Is medical science better than music or in other words doctor’s occupation is far better than the singer?”

I know you might not agree with me, you’ll say doctors are like god saving our lives and although singing is also good occupation but can’t match doctor’s work.

I personally don’t agree with it, because i have experience the power of music in my life.
Though music didn’t save my life per say in literal terms but yes it saved me from dying from inside, giving up all hopes and also committing suicide when i was literally too frustrated. Music have that power to lessen out your stress and hence works as medicine keeping your blood pressure and adrenaline hormones normal. I used to loose my temper very soon, music also helped me come over that.

Doctor might save your life but on the other hand i’ve seen some inexperienced doctors who put patients life at risk by giving wrong medicine and even sometimes leading to their death due to wrong treatment.
Same isn’t true with music. Music always does the good. Moreover it never asks anything in return. Music is in nature, when you listen to birds chirping, wind blowing, rhythm of our heartbeat etc.

Although music might not be able to save you from diseases like cancer etc but yes it can give you that strength to fight with it. And sometimes people have remitted from cancer with moral strength. So music is also doing an equal good and in my opinion shouldn’t be underestimated.


Bhaag mat kar prayas

Asafalta ghere tujhe
Marg ho avrudha
Paas na ho dhan tere
Aur karya ho apaar
Bhaag mat kar prayas
Kar prayas bhaag mat

Chahein tu has tu
Lekin aankh na ho nam
Bhaag mat kar prayas
Jeet mein hi haar hai
Raat mein hi din
Niklega sooraj phir
Door kshitij paar
Bhaag mat kar prayas
Kar prayas bhaag mat

Peeda hi sukh hai
Sukh hi hai peeda
Bhaag mat kar prayas
Kar prayas bhaag mat
Bhaag mat kar prayas
Kar prayas bhaag mat.

Excuses deceive and performance speaks

Celebrating the success is much more valuable than giving any proofs on your failure

A brief story of life…

A husband is tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep and this does not let his wife fall asleep.

She asks him what’s wrong.

He responds, “I owe money to our neighbor, the loan is due tomorrow but I can’t pay it”.

She picks up the phone and calls their neighbor, “Sorry to bother you so late but my husband can’t pay that loan back tomorrow” and hangs up.

Then she turns to her husband, “There, I fixed it. You can go to sleep in peace now, let the neighbor stay awake tossing and turning in his bed”

The moral of the story is that you need to fight fire with fire: let your feelings be known.
You will either get a positive response and your life can become better; or you will get a definitive “No” and you can start the healing process.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

TO-DO list before i die …

Here’s a few list of things that i wanna do before i die

  1. To make a successful startup.
  2. To help differently abled people ( kuch aisa karke dikha khud khush ho jaye khuda)
  3. To learn piano and play flawlessly.
  4. To do something which can make parents proud and make their names in society too.
  5. To travel a lot and many places with my sister a lot if possible.

Bitter truth of World…

Whether you achieve something or not depends on one and only one factor – how badly you want it. But that is a complete lie. The truth is – Whether you achieve something or not depends on one, and only one factor – what you are willing to ‘settle for’ instead.

The bitter truth of this world is that everything is for sale, even dreams. It is just a question of what you are willing to sell it for, and what you are willing to ‘settle for’ instead.

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