Top Window screen recording softwares

1. Ezvid – Ezvid is the top software in the field of screen recording and video editing. It comes with inbuilt video editing feature. You can add text, video clips and your own voice in this software. Download Free

2. BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder – You can record yourself on windows desktop with the help of this software. This software let you enable webcam to feature yourself in the video. You can record screens with your voice and face. Download 

3. Screenr Recording Software – Screenr is an online screen recording software which allow you to record and edit screens and videos without downloading software on your desktop PC. After creating video you can generate link to share on social media websites. Download 

4. Rylstim Screen Recorder – It is just basic recorder but very good. This is awesome software who want just simple screen recorder. It just record screen as it is after pressing “stat record” button. Download 

5. CamStudio – Camstudio is also a very good recording software with many features. It has features like disabling mouse cursor, recording sounds from programs, enabling custom screen annotations and recording particular screen section. Download 

6. Webinaria – Webinaria is an easy to use screen recorder. It create videos in AVI format. It gives you features like other basic recording software. Download 

7. DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder – This software provide 8 basic icons for capturing and recording screens of your pc. This software has feature to save video file in AVI format with automatic file name feature. Download 

8. Krut Computer Recorder – Krut is a java based screen recording software. It has unique follow mouse feature in screen recording. It allows user to set capture area and recording frames per second. Download 

9. Jing Screencast Recording Software – Jing is a good software in the field of free screen recorder. But it has only 5 minutes limitation in free version. You can extend time duration by becoming pro member. Download 

10. BSR Screen Recorder – This screen recording tool captures everything on your screen. This tool can capture video and audio at the same time. You can export various video formats like AVI, SWF and WMV. Download 

11. Desktop Activity Recorder – As the name defines this free recording tool records all your desktop activities. You can use microphone for adding sound to your captured videos.Download 

12. My Screen Recorder – Another freeware that allows recording of desktop activities and screens on your pc. Download 

13. Easy Screen Capture Video – This is very basic screen recorder. You can add voice or audio to your videos is just simple screen recorder but it is quick tool. Download 

14. ZD Soft Screen Recorder – It is one of the best screen recording software which allows user to add audio and video. You can install this software free of cost on your pc or laptop.Download 

15. Super Screen Capture – It is very quick and useful recording software for windows PC.Download 

16. Screen Recording Suite – Though it is paid software but you can use free trial version of this software. This screen recorder allows you to export recorded video in various video formats like wmv, avi, mp4, swf and 3gp. Download 

17. Capture Fox – Capture Fox is a free addons for Firefox browser. It allows you to record every single action in your computer within your browser. It is a very good software for creating tutorials. Download 

18. Wink – Wink is a free software. You can use it for creating tutorial and presentations. It can capture screenshots and enables you to add explanation boxes, buttons, titles and more. It supports various output formats like EXE, FLV, HTML etc. Download 

19. UltraVNC Screen Recorder – UltraVNC Screen Recorder is based-on CamStudio source. It supports both audio and screen capturing. Download 

20. Windows Media Encoder – Windows Media Encoder is a powerful application for capturing audio and video content. You can create high-quality multichannel audio, and HD videos with help of this software. Download 


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